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Than Hlyin & Kyayk Tan

Than Hlyin & Kyayk Tan

Introducing to Than Hlyin & Kyayk Tan


Specialist Subject: Introducing Than Hlyin & Kyayk Tan

You can make a day trip to it by taking a bus running between Yangon, Than Hlyin and Kyauk Tan. Than Hlyin and Kyauk Tan are among the favourite destinations of the Yangonites, especially for day trippers, just as Twante, Dalla, Danoke, Hmawbi, Taik Kyi and Bago are. Kyaik Khauk Pagoda in Than Hlyin and Kyaik Hmaw Wun Ye Lai Pagoda in Kyauk Tan are the two "musts" which pilgrims and touricts should not miss to visit. Thanks to the Than Hlyin bridge which was constructed over a decade ago, we can drive straight to Kyauk Tan from where we take a ferry boat to get to the Pagoda in a few minutes. There was a triple decker ferry ship named "Thida" that plied between Yangon and Than Hlyin before the Bridge was built. There are several watercrafts of different types and sizes providing 24 hour transport services.

Kyauk Tan Yele Pagoda

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Specialist Subject:Kyauktan Yele Pagoda

If it wasn't for its abundance of religious sites and the remains of its former palace, it would be hard to tell that this scrappy town – 50 miles northeast of Yangon on the old highway to Mandalay – was once capital of southern Myanmar. The awarding of a contract to a South Korean consortium to build the country's new Hanthawady International Airport (due for completion in 2018) is set to revive Bago's fortunes.
Best time Evening time before sunset.

Kyauktan Yele Pagoda
thanhlyin church

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Specialist Subject: Ancient Portuguese Church

      Thanlyin was formerly known as Syriam. Myanmar usually pronounce as "Tanyin". It is a city in Yangon Division in Myanmar. It is located on the bank of Yangon River, and is a major port..
In the late 1500s, Thanlyin was the base of the Portuguese adventurer, Philip De Brito. Officially a trade representative from Rakhine, he established himself as a local warlord from his base at Thanlyin, and hired his forces on occasion to the Mon in their battles against the Bamar. However, in 1599 he unleased his army against Bago, which he sacked.

     Captured by the Burmese in 1613, he was executed by impalement, a punishment reserved for defilers of Buddhist temples. Thanlyin continued to be a major port until it was destroyed by King Alaungpaya in 1756 during the Mon revolt.