Compassionate Travel Myanmar

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About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Compassionate Travels Myanmar is a 100% locally owned company with no government connections. Founded in 2013, we are staffed by a dedicated team of professionals and have strong connections with station managers throughout the country as well as service providers such as hotels, car rental agencies, river cruises, hot air balloon providers, and trekking guides. We strive to provide our valued clients the best services possible at an affordable rate. We have a team of multi-lingual guides and operate throughout Myanmar from Putao to the islands of the Mergui Archipelago. We are proud to offer a wide variety of packages, each tailored to the specific interests of our clients. Customized tours we offer include MICE services, Meditation and Pilgrimage tours, special interest tours, volunteering and donation opportunity tours.

About the Founder

Snow Aye, the Founder and Managing Director of Compassionate Travels Myanmar have a lifelong passion to serve others. She is an intelligent and diligent woman who has more than two decades experience at premium tourist industry. She started her career life passionately as a Tour Guide when she was 19 years old. She handled more than hundreds of tours including Incentive tours, big number of tour groups up to 40 and provided excellent service to her customers. She has a deep knowledge about Myanmar history and culture. By getting support and encouragements from friends and old tourists, she founded Compassionate Travels Myanmar in 2013. She has made it her main ambition to share her time and the profit of her business to local community.

Being born in a typical Myanmar family whom are really enthusiastic to learn and share about Buddhist teachings and meditation, Snow started her Buddhist, cultural and historical studies since her childhood years. Her grandmother brought her to meditation centers and monasteries, her father surrounded by interesting books which can influence her life deeply. Another good point of her family is love of social services. Her long departed grandfather was one of the first officers from Social welfare department and her father stories of doing good things for others rooted in her childhood memories and encouraged to think for doing good deeds for others.

In order to carry out her ambitious humanitarian projects Snow founded the Compassionate Hands Foundation, a charitable, registered non-profit organization in 2008. Under Snow’s direction 10% of net profits of Compassionate Travels Myanmar is dedicated to the Compassionate Hands foundation to support a wide variety of charitable projects ranging from emergency relief support after natural disasters like cyclone, earthquake, flood and drought, providing medical care to building schools. Starting from 2016 April until now, we are able to support to feed 300- 1000 hospitalized and their attending family members  every week  at Yangon General Hospital. Snow does her best to ensure that people from different regions of the world with any kind of interest in Myanmar are affectionately welcomed to Myanmar with hospitable, kind services for their trips.

Motto  “Living the Life of Right Livelihood”

We feel that having a meaningful, service oriented livelihood will not only provide for our necessities in life but also motivates us to be our best with our esteemed customers. By providing the best services we earn an honest income and from this we can do many good deeds to help our community and people. Our dedication to serve others through our Business originates from the bottom of our hearts. We treat our customers as friends and long term family members who help us to do more good in communities throughout Myanmar. Our dedication is to fulfill our valued customer’s personal interests and requests. We have many returning customers every year along with new clients who seek us out based on recommendations from people who have previous traveled with us. Read our testimonials here.

Vision  “To Contribute Myanmar society by Offering  Quality Tourism Services & Related businesses.”


1. To provide excellent and authentic services to our valuable customers
2. To become a leading MICE organizing  tour company in Myanmar
3. To be a bridge between foreign volunteers and local community
4. To support the best services to meditators and those who are seeking for inner peace by offering  tours and pilgrimages tours